Clarifying (like you do with butter)

I hope to clear up some confusion about this website.

This site is mostly a place for my personal photography and other stuff I find interesting.

My professional photography  - which is focused entirely on creating beautiful portraits for women – can be found here: SHERRI JACKSON BOUDOIR  Go have a look!



Stuff I like:


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This is the sunrise from my rooftop.

Freedom Tower

The view of the Freedom Tower / One World Trade Center from my rooftop.

My ‘Hood

It occurred to me tonight that since moving to my new place in July, I haven’t taken any real photos from my rooftop. Sure, I’ve taken tons of snaps with my phone and plastered them all over facebook, but I’ve neglected the opportunity to really shoot from up there. What a waste! Not that that I did much real shooting up there tonight – I just grabbed my camera, stuck on my 70-200 lens and up I went, but it’s a crystal clear night and you can see forever and I’m pleased with the handful of shots I took. More to come (I have a birds-eye view of the new Freedom Tower / 1 World Trade Center that’s making its way skyward).

This is a handheld shot, so forgive the lack of perfectly clear detail, but that bridge in the background is the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and it’s 7 miles away!

I couldn’t decide whether I liked the color or black & white version better, so I’m posting both.

Traci - Wow, Sherri. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for sharing these amazing pictures of NY & life there, especially for someone like me who has never been there. You are very talented. Bravo.

Nikki McLeod - Wow these are awesome. What a view from your place.

Jaime - Those are really beautiful. I need to visit you someday.

Sherri - Thanks, guys! I’ve missed shooting just for fun, so I’m making an effort to start doing it again. My goal is to post here a few times per week (maybe even daily) to keep myself inspired and challenged.